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Pretty little Ojibway Looking out for her own smiles With Pride

Now this ride at #Marineland takes me so far back. There were these boats that use to go around in a circle up and down like waves while spinning around as well. One trip probably, and totally, with the latchkey group (our annul trip we would take) But then that makes me wonder why my mom and dad were there. I don’t know if it was a family trip or not. However. I went on it with my niece @theramaslamma and she was a little girl, just like Cedar, and she was excited to go on it. So myself, my dad her grandpa went on. She was sitting with me or she would have gotten squashed by grandpa. LMAO so it starts going, slowly adding speed. Brittany is having a good old time….then it starts getting faster gaining speed, pretty soon, Britt and I are holding onto the bars and hanging on. I’m still have a hell of a time….only now I see my dad is laughing in his own boat. I didn’t even hear my niece crying that she wants to get off. 😫😭 She is so upset and red and freaking it…I am not even sorry that I laughed even harder. Poor little Brittany. 😜 I love you bebs. #ThemWereTheDays #YoullLaughAboutItLater #FamilyFunTime #Remembering #GoodTimes #Laughs #AuntyMean #Rides #Amusementparks
This is a great picture of my brother yesterday. It was such a great fun trip with the family. I always have the best time with them. #thefalls #NiagaraFalls #TheMists #Rainclouds #Thinking
#familyTime #TheFalls #Familylaugh  (at Niagara Falls Canada)
Taking a stroll along with the family  (at Niagara Falls Tourism)
Dinner time.  (at King’s Bridge Park)
Now to see them in their home #Dolphins #Marineland #DayTrip #FamilyLaughs #beautiful #Smart  (at Marineland In Niagra Falls)
This breaks my heart. I’m so sad seeing these #BrokenSpiritedBears. #HeartHurts #Sadness #TearsForMyBrothers #BearClan #Mkwa 😱😨😫😩😓😰😥😪😭 (at Marineland In Niagra Falls)

@beedahsiga @veronicaleigh Brandon and Keifer taking a ride on the dragon #familylaughs #daytrip #marineland (at Marineland In Niagra Falls)

Cedar leading us around #DayTrip #FamilyLaughs #Marineland  (at Marineland In Niagra Falls)
The Beatles. Photographed by Bob Gomel. (1964)

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Countdown to American Horror Story Freakshow
↳49: Asylum Hogwarts sorting hat [1/4] Lana Winters

"You have no idea what I’m capable of."

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 The Best Breakfast Food Challange - Help him, to get the best breakfast - “Find the best breakfast food together :) I make a challange, in the next 6 months, which post gets the most Notes, that will be the best breakfast food :) Make it hard guys :)”

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I didn’t ask to get made. [insp]

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